Featured On Food Network On January 1, 2005


Our family farm is in the sixth generation, this is a family-owned-and-operated business. The late June and Esther Oehler were the last owners. Now, operated by Donnie & Susie Oehler's family, the farm still has beef cows and calves, chickens and ducks, turkeys, guineas, mallard ducks, peacocks, Canadian geese, and goats.

Southern barbeque is a tradition that has been a part of North Carolina and our family's heritage for a long time. To give you some insight on where it all started, J.W. and Ester Oehler, started the business many years ago. Our owner, Donnie Oehler, grew up in the business, taking it over around 1975, and he now owns and operates Oehler's Mallard Creek Barbeque. Several family members work in the business, such as Donnie's wife, brother, son, and daughter. Donnie assumes his father was the oldest barbeque caterer in Mecklenburg County.

The barn is the center of Oehler's Mallard Creek Barbeque. It took too much time to cater to the other locations, so we decided to get people to come to us. Donnie's dad catered parties on the farm, but we did not have a nice large facility, so we built the barn. We cut the timber from our land, sawed the logs in our sawmill and built the barn ourselves.