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Food Prices

The party attending the barn venue must be self-insured.
Minimum requirement of 100 persons at barn facility.
Parties take place rain or shine and first come, first served.

CHOOSE YOUR MEAL, Buffett Style for all meals:

Meal #1 is the suggested meal for family gatherings which includes:
Hickory Cooked Chopped BBQ Pork, Chicken Breast leg and thigh, BBQ Baked Beans, Chunky Apple Sauce, ( BBQ Baked Beans and Apple Sauce could be substituted with Mashed Potatoes or Green Beans) Mayonnaise & Vinegar Slaw, Rolls, Pickles, Banana Pudding, and Carrot Cake 
Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Tea, Lemonade, and Coffee. Drinks are served the 3 hours starting with meal.

Cost — $21.00 per Person, Plus 8.25% Tax (extra food tax per Mecklenburg County).
Meal #2 includes:
Angus Pride Ribeye Steaks cooked with Hickory wood, Baked Potatoes, Salad and Slaw, Texas Toast, Dessert, and Drinks

Cost — $28.00 per Person, Plus 8.25 % Food Tax
Meal #3 includes:
Meal #1 and Meal #2 Combined

Cost — $35.00 per person plus 8.25% food tax.
Meal #4 includes:
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and are served with all Condiments, as well as Tomatoes, Lettuce, Chips, Baked Beans, two types of Slaw, Rolls, Pickles, Applesauce, Desserts listed above and Drinks listed above.
Cost — $21.00 per person, plus 8.25 % food tax.
*Each meal can have additional choices added; which include:
Pig Picking with Meal — Add $400.00 to the Above Meal Price
Corn on the Cob — Add $1.75 per Person
Potato Salad — Add $2.25 per Person
Tossed Salad — Add $3.00 per Person
Hot Dogs w/Condiments — Add $3.50 EACH (per Hot Dog with Condiments)
Macaroni and Cheese — Add $2.50 per Person
Mashed Potatoes — $2.00
Green Beans — $2.00

*The below will be served one hour before or after the meal:
Chips, Dip, and Nuts — Add $2.00 per person.
Vegetable Tray, Chips, Dips, and Nuts — Add $3.00 per person.
Ice Cream — Additional $1.50 per person.

*All meals are served buffet style for one (1) hour. You must choose the hour you want the meal served and inform your party of this. The above menus are main course suggestions, and other menu packages are available, such as Pizza, etc. Children under four years of age eat free.
We do not buy or sell alcohol. It is your responsibility.

Beer, kegs of beer, and wine are the ONLY alcoholic beverages that are permitted. ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUOR. You are responsible for providing ice, cups, etc., for the beer, wine, or keg. There is an extra charge of $100.00 for having beer and wine. We have contacts for this. We can store your wine or beer in walk-in cooler, the week of your party and will have it ready when you arrive. Let us know if you want bartenders provided.

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